Gregory Herman speaking at motion 2015

Director Designer Gregory Herman spends his time creating concept art and designing FUI motion graphics for some of the top films in the industry. And whenever the creative urge hits – he makes short films. Amazing short films with unique concepts – and naturally, some of the best future user interface design you’ve ever seen.

Herman’s been making films since age 10, with a deep passion and love of the art form that continues to grow with each experience. He spent most of his life living in NY, where he attended R.I.T and studied both Fine Art and painting as well as Design and Animation. After graduation, Herman worked as a freelance motion designer before working for Digital Kitchen as a concept artist on various commercials and main titles. He then went on to matte paintings and designing broadcast network packages – all the while, building his filmmaking muscles as he wrote, shot and directed several short films. 

Gregory Herman will be speaking at motion 2015, June 12-14 in Santa Fe. In his talk, Circles: From Captain America to The Straight and Narrow, he shares how his commercial work fuels his passion projects. Additionally, his short film Last Hit will have it’s Santa Fe premiere at motion 2015. Following the premiere, Greg and DP Joel Pilger will provide a breakdown of the film from concept to completion.

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